Photographing Art


Photographing Art Takes Precision

The word 'translate' best describes how to represent the real world in digital media. Nothing could exemplify that more than photographing pieces of art.

Steven Hettrich is a sought-after artist. Any single painting of Steve's can sell for upwards of $10,000 or more. Potential buyers are often international art collectors and interior designers who will not see the paintings in person. Accurately displaying these paintings online is critical.


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The Photographer / Editor - AKA Invisible Artists

The most important elements when shooting art are using physical color charts, color calibrated monitors, professional studio strobe lighting, and knowing how to deal with reflections as the paintings are smooth and shiny like glass.

Furthermore, digital cameras can be more sensitive to some colors and not to others; properly showcasing the contrast, saturation, overall brightness, chromatic aberration, and distortion caused by the glass elements with in the lenses are just a handful of challenges face with a project like this.