Tour the World Music Video

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Over 30 Million Views on YouTube

Tour the World is a music video from the album Brain Beats 2. It was created using 2D animations in Autodesk's Sketchbook by artist Craighton Berman, cut and timed to match the pace of the lyrics. We then used After Effects to create space, atmosphere, the sun, and to transform the 2D animations into a 3D view of the Earth. The globe's position, scale, and rotation were keyframed to follow the animations as they move around the world.

As of 2017, this video has had over 7.3 million views on YouTube.

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Tour the World was a follow-up to the Tour the States music video.

We created this video one year earlier. As of 2017, Tour the States had over 22.7 million views on YouTube. Craighton is in this video physically drawing the map, Brad Tylor edited the video, and Renald Francoeur created both songs.

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Star Wars Parody


Marketing for a Retail

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, Marbles: The Brain Store wanted to create a marketing video that would help push sales during the excitement of the release of the movie. 

We created a shot-for-shot parody of the trailer created entirely from store products. Everything from the stars to the sand are all products that could be bought either in-store or online.

The video was released to all of Marbles' social media channels. 

The Result:

The video generated 40k views on YouTube, tremendous excitement for customers watching it in stores, and several articles from media outlets, such as Buzzfeed.

They’re calling it a ‘spoof trailer’, but it’s kind of a work of art on its own. The sets are almost as epic as the original.
— Morgan Shanahan, BuzzFeed

Behind the Scenes:

Below are some behind-the-scenes shots. The set was just like the original in Hollywood... only smaller:


Photographing Art


Photographing Art Takes Precision

The word 'translate' best describes how to represent the real world in digital media. Nothing could exemplify that more than photographing pieces of art.

Steven Hettrich is a sought-after artist. Any single painting of Steve's can sell for upwards of $10,000 or more. Potential buyers are often international art collectors and interior designers who will not see the paintings in person. Accurately displaying these paintings online is critical.


Visit the Steve Hettrich website:

The Photographer / Editor - AKA Invisible Artists

The most important elements when shooting art are using physical color charts, color calibrated monitors, professional studio strobe lighting, and knowing how to deal with reflections as the paintings are smooth and shiny like glass.

Furthermore, digital cameras can be more sensitive to some colors and not to others; properly showcasing the contrast, saturation, overall brightness, chromatic aberration, and distortion caused by the glass elements with in the lenses are just a handful of challenges face with a project like this.

Personalized Brand Films

Role - Producer

I have had the pleasure of working on several freelance projects for the Chicago production company, Evoker. My main role has been as a producer, but I have also been camera operator and editor.

They are absolutely brilliant when it comes to producing personalized brand films, and it continues to be an honor an privilege working with them. 

- Don Markus

Role - Producer

Role - Producer

Role - Producer

Role - Producer

Role - Camera Operator & Editor

Role - Camera Operator

Role - Editor

Role - Camera Operator

These films are a prime example of how effective a well-executed video can be for you bottom line. It is fair to say that there is no business more competitive than real estate. Setting a good impression is paramount to success in this field.

Evoker does an incredible job producing branding films.

- Don Markus

Role - Producer

Role - Producer

Re-Branding Through Images


The Longroom continues as a Chicago icon.

They were one of the first bars in Chicago to dive into the world of craft beer. They were voted most smoke bar back when that was a badge of honor. They recently went through a major overhaul putting in a kitchen, becoming a bar and coffee shop that opens at 6 am, installing high-speed internet and outlets at every table. In the owner Jason Burrell's own words, "We're now the American version of a true European cafe.

With this overhaul, they needed to tell the world. They hired a PR agency, web developer, and us. The result is a beautiful new website and lots of great article write-ups. We also work with them closely on their Instagram feed which turned out to be a huge revenue generating channel.

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